Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Visitor Center

The park has a visitor center, which features the “Chaco Collection Museum”, an information desk, a theater, a book store, and a gift shop.

Aerial View of Park

The Chacoans built their complexes along a 9-mile (14 km) stretch of canyon floor, with the walls of some structures aligned cardinally and others aligned with the 18.6-year cycle of minimum and maximum moonrise and moonset.

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The central portion of the canyon contains the largest complexes and the outlier complexes lie in Chaco’s northern area.

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The Ancestral Pueblos used outstanding masonry techniques, because their building architecture has lasted for centuries.

The sun dagger is located on Fajada Butte. It moves on two whorl-shaped etchings where sunrays shine through three rock panels. This site was known to Native tribes prior to it being discovered by Anna Sofaer in 1977. The two whorls track the 18.6-year lunar cycle. In 1989, the rock slabs shifted due to erosion from visitors. Today, this site is closed to visitors.