We respect local customs, people and places we visit. Safety is our priority.

Kialo Winters

Founder & CEO

Kialo Winters is a cultural tour guide in northwest New Mexico, residing on the Navajo Nation surrounding the Bisti Badlands. He grew up in the area and has experience working as a school teacher and in technology sales. Winters enjoys photography, biking, and running, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Education. He is of Diné and Zia descent.


Gilbert Tsinnajinnie

Entrepreneur & Guide

Gilbert Tsinnajinnie is Diné and Zia. He has extensive experience in community agricultural planning. He works as a consultant to community agricultural groups throughout the Navajo reservation. He has an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from Central New Mexico college.

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Terri Winters

Founder & Advisor

Terri Winters has experience working in Early Childhood education and healthcare. In her free time, she has volunteered as an athletic coach and with the local Volunteer Fire Department. Terri is of Diné and White Mountain Apache descent.

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