Outdoor Recreation & Private Tours - northwest New Mexico USA

Navajo Tours USA is a Navajo owned outdoor recreation & tour company based in New Mexico USA. Since 2016, our services provide travel guests opportunities to visit Navajo lands in northwest New Mexico.

Navajo Tours USA advocates Indigenous connection to the outdoors, responsibly showcase nature, art, culture, & history, and commit to authentic experiences with all guests.

Kialo Winters

Founder & CEO

Kialo currently works at Native Innovation Inc. as an Education Technology Specialist. He has also worked in the classroom as a teacher for 15 years. He spends his free time with family, friends, and his pets. He enjoys photography, hiking, and running.

Loves Dogs

Nancy Upthegrove-Jaramillo

Technical Writer & Advisor

Nancy Upthegrove-Jaramillo is a retired school teacher. Nancy is a traditional holistic teacher/ practitioner of American Indian experiential learning with individuals and small groups. She is often a guest speaker and storyteller at local and regional events.


Eric Manolito

Executive Director

Eric Manolito works in sales at Target in Albuquerque and previously worked as a Regional Coordinator at Futures for Children, Inc. He spends free time with family and friends. He loves hiking, running, and traveling.

Outdoor Concert Goer

Terri Winters

Founder & Advisor

Terri currently works as a Home Healthcare aide and previously worked in the Navajo Headstart program. She spends her free time playing volleyball and basketball with her two toddler girls. She enjoys walking and outdoor camping.


John Hosteen

Expedition Leader

John works as a Recreation Specialist with the Indian Health Service. He also worked as the Student Life and Activities Coordinator at Navajo Technical University. His weekends and free time is spent hiking, running, climbing, and rafting throughout the southwest.