In partnership, Navajo Tours USA and Natives Outdoors are advocating for Indigenous people and communities to remind each other of who we are, who we were, and to return to the land through renewal and connection to the outdoors.

Natives Outdoors
Len Necefer, Founder & Owner at Natives Outdoors

Early 2017, Len Necefer, the founder of Natives Outdoors, started a campaign addressing the lack of representation of Indigenous people in the outdoor industry. The #nativesoutdoors hashtag has since gone viral throughout social media.

Natives Outdoors has expanded to providing advisory and consulting services to the outdoor industry on topics within the intersection of tribes, public lands, and outdoor recreation.

Natives Outdoors is working directly with tribal governments, community organizations, and individuals on increasing access to outdoor recreation and connecting resources and opportunities within the outdoor industry.

Navajo Tours USA resulted from the Native Entrepreneur In Residence Program sponsored by New Mexico Community Capital in Albuquerque. Navajo Tours USA nourishes adventure lifestyles through outdoor recreation and private tours in the Four Corners and eastern Navajo Nation region.

Navajo Tours USA
Kialo Winters, Founder & CEO at Navajo Tours USA

“I want to rebuild my worldview through the stories of my elders. Using this place-based knowledge allows Navajo Tours USA to share local Indigenous history with locals and our travel guests,” states Kialo Winters, founder of Navajo Tours USA.

In our Indigenous communities, there are stories and songs of our connection to the land and how we once lived. Our global communities and especially our local youth will learn from this.

Support this campaign by using the #nativesoutdoors hashtag on social media, and we will see you at the next trailhead.

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