Navajo Tours USA offers an opportunity for unique experiences. Stand on the land where Navajo healers still practice their traditional ceremonies. Hear the winds that carry the songs of nature. Echoes of the ancient Indian people that lived and still live on this land reverberate off the canyon walls.

Many travel guest request to attend healing ceremonies or meet Navajo Medicine Men or women. Sacred ceremonies are not included in the tour package. We at Navajo Tours USA feel it is not ethically sensitive to advertise the selling of our traditional medicine ways. Sacred ceremonies are private and usually reserved for tribal members and their families. We hope that you understand that this is something that can not be scheduled.

Navajo Tours USA

If traditional medicine ways are a particular area of interest to you please note that on your survey when you apply for admission to a tour package. We do have people trained in this area to answer some questions on this topic. Also, some information on this topic will be included in the storytelling time at the campfire and other spontaneous dialogue while on the tour itself. All things truly are connected within the Indian cosmology, so much so, that it is often hard to tell where one topic stops and another begins.

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