Have you ever wondered about the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness in black and white? These photographs were captured late November and December on my Samsung S10 Lite phone. During these outings, I focused on composition and framing. Post work showed a transformation of beautiful contrast and lines.

This post will help you prepare for your visit to the area. Additionally, check out these bonus tips from 500px "Black & white photography | 12 top tips for beginners."


  1. Tailor you approach
  2. Train you eye
  3. Be wary of monochrome mode
  4. Start with a low ISO
  5. Slow down
  6. Plan for the weather
  7. Play with filters
  8. Find the shadows
  9. Watch the contrast
  10. Adjust the colors
  11. Dodge and burn


-Kialo Winters

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Source: Feature Shoot., 2020. Black & White Photography | 12 Top Tips For Beginners. [online] 500px. Available at: <https://iso.500px.com/black-and-white-photography/> [Accessed 25 December 2020].


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