The New Mexico Tourism Department has been named 2023 finalist for a Skift IDEA Award. This honor is for their "New Mexico True Living Legends" video series, which has been used in online advertising. Skift, a big name in travel news, picked the "Living Legends" series as a finalist in the Creative Thinkers category for marketing. This is a big deal because New Mexico Tourism has never been nominated in the five-year history of the Skift Awards, and only New Mexico and Hawaii's tourism departments have been nominated.

The "Living Legends" videos have been made since mid-2021 and include profiles of some really cool people. Kialo Winters of Navajo Tours USA, a flamenco artist, an Olympic skateboarder, a World Cup speed skier, and a sculptor are all featured. You can find these videos on New Mexico Tourism's YouTube channel, and they even show up as commercials on Hulu and other digital channels.

These videos aren't just for fun; they have a target audience of adventure travelers. They tell stories that show the New Mexican "tradition of adventure steeped in culture," according to the Tourism Department. Tourism Secretary Jen Paul Schroer said they wanted to tell stories through the voices of people who make New Mexico an unforgettable place to visit.

New Mexico Tourism is competing against some big names like the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Plum Guide, Travel + Leisure, Travelport, and Priceline. The winners for 18 different awards will be announced in August. Everyone's excited to see if the "Living Legends" series will win, and it's a great way to show off what makes New Mexico special!


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